The School Board

Please join us for the Board’s first Town Hall Meeting on Monday, June 5th at 7:00 p.m. in the school cafeteria. All school parent stakeholders are invited to attend.


Saints Peter and Paul School is governed by a Board of Limited Jurisdiction which includes participation by the School Principal and Parish Pastor. The first Board of Limited Jurisdiction was installed in August 2012.  Members were selected based on specific criteria prescribed by the Healey Education Foundation and each were approved by School leadership. Members of the Saints Peter and Paul School Board of Limited Jurisdiction have expertise in finance, business, marketing, public relations, law, facilities and other skills that objectively lead the School using best practices.   The board fosters the highest possible standard of academic and religious education for students and works to promote and advance the mission of the School.


The 2016.2017 Board of Limited Jurisdiction (BoLJ):

Priscilla Burt                     Development Committee

Christy Cosgrove              Development Committee

Jim Dearlove                     Facilities Committee

Christina DellaVecchia     Chairperson of the Enrollment and Marketing Committee

David Dorsey                      Development Committee

Margaret Egan                   ex-officio, Principal

John Gallen                        Facilities Committee

Colin Hueston                    Chairman of the Board

Father Angelo Citino         Pastor

Charles O’Brien                  Governance Committee

Stephanie Palumbo           Secretary of the Board, Chairperson of the Development Committee

Lauren Ranalli                   Finance Committee

Christian Talbot                Governance Committee

Matt Tomlin                        Finance Committee

Suzanne Zebrowski            Enrollment and Marketing Committee


The School community is extremely thankful to the BoLJ for their commitment to Saints Peter and Paul School.

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