The School Board

Saints Peter and Paul School is governed by a Board of Limited Jurisdiction which includes participation by the School Principal and Parish Pastor. The first Board of Limited Jurisdiction was installed in August 2012.  Members were selected based on specific criteria prescribed by the Healey Education Foundation and each were approved by School leadership. Members of the Saints Peter and Paul School Board of Limited Jurisdiction have expertise in finance, business, marketing, public relations, law, facilities and other skills that objectively lead the School using best practices.   The board fosters the highest possible standard of academic and religious education for students and works to promote and advance the mission of the School.


The Saints Peter and Paul Board of Limited Jurisdiction, and Mr.Colin Hueston (Board Chairman emeritus) won the  NCEA 2018 LEAD. LEARN. PROCLAIM. Award.

The National Catholic Educational Association (NCEA) has a longstanding tradition of honoring and recognizing excellence and distinguished service in Catholic school education. The LEAD. LEARN. PROCLAIM. Award. recognizes the outstanding efforts, contributions and achievements of individuals and Boards on behalf of Catholic school education.

The criteria for the award includes LEAD: Realizes and implements the school’s mission and vision, engages in responsible financial planning in collaboration with others. LEARN: Supports the development of student and family life, guides students in 21st century skills, including technology integration. PROCLAIM: Embraces Catholic Identity, promotes the school mission and vision through meaningful communication, marketing and development.

From Principal Egan: “Having worked with Mr. Hueston over the years as the principal of the school, I have witnessed closely the outstanding character of this leader. He has worked tirelessly to make Saints Peter and Paul the excellent school that it is. Respectful and empathetic, firm and understanding, protective and determined, he has made his time as Board Chair a positive and successful one. It is only fitting that Mr. Hueston be recognized as a champion for Catholic schools and receive the NCEA 2018 Lead. Learn. Proclaim. Award.”

Congratulations to all of the Board of Limited Jurisdiction members– past and present. You have led the way in this Archdiocese of Philadelphia and across this nation for Catholic schools!

Mr. Hueston and the Board were honored at the NCEA Convention & Expo in Cincinnati, OH at a special awards dinner on Tuesday, April 3, 2018.


The 2018.2019 Board of Limited Jurisdiction (BoLJ):

Priscilla Burt                     Development Committee

Paul Charlton                    Facilities Committee; Board Secretary

Monsignor Angelo Citino        Pastor

Christy Cosgrove               Chairperson of Development Committee

Mary Cunningham           Development Committee

Tom Czarzasty                    Development Committee

Gary Davis                           Finance Committee

Jim Dearlove                       Finance Committee

Christina DellaVecchia     Vice Chair of Board

Joe Devine                          Board Chairman

David Dorsey                      Development Committee

Margaret Egan                   ex-officio, Principal

Richard Fonash                 Finance Committee

Rand Ginsburg                   Chairman of Facilities Committee

Allison Hall                         Enrollment and Marketing Committee

Frank Hanna                      Governance Committee

Lauren Ranalli                   Chair of Finance Committee

Cynthia Wein                      Enrollment and Marketing Committee



The School community is extremely thankful to the BoLJ for their commitment to Saints Peter and Paul School.

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