Saints Peter and Paul School has a large, light-filled library with books and computers available for student use. The technology teacher and parent volunteers assist students with accessing the materials they need, whether it is for a school project, research paper, or simply the love of reading.  In addition, a student may procure a book at lunch time for Reading Olympics, completing a project, or even just for the joy of reading a new book.  

The school’s library is in transition. Planning has begun for the transformation of our Library and Computer Room into a hub for learning, research, and discovery! We will create a space where students can go to collaborate, create, contemplate, learn, research, socialize, and study.

The space will connect students to technology, information, and co-curricular learning — learning that deliberately complements the formal classroom activities, programs, and experiences that contribute to student learning.
The new center will open officially in September 2019!

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