Parent Information

Saints Peter and Paul School is blessed to have parent involvement at every grade level. Parent involvement is more common in the PreK – 8 setting because parents are familiar and comfortable with our school staff and setting. We encourage and enjoy family involvement and our middle school students are accustomed to seeing parents as a part of our school environment.  This parent/school relationship is celebrated each year at our Volunteer Breakfast.  Even our 8th grade seniors perform original and highly entertaining songs and dances to show their appreciation for parent involvement at Saints Peter and Paul School.  This is one of the most beloved and endearing events of the year.

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Volunteers are an integral part of our school operation. Volunteers are always needed and are welcome. It’s a great way to meet other school Parents.

Homeroom Parents

Each classroom has two “homeroom parents” that organize the classroom volunteers, and assist the teachers as needed. The sign-up for homeroom parent occurs at Back to School Night.

Lunch Volunteers

Volunteers are needed for every lunch period, but especially for the younger students. The sign-up for lunch volunteers will be at Back to School Night.

Clearances Required for Volunteers:

If you plan to volunteer at school in any capacity, you need to have several clearances in place. Please visit the Volunteer Clearance tab on this website for a complete list of the requirements. Thank you!

Volunteer Clearances

Volunteer Breakfast:

In May is a special breakfast for all of the parents who volunteered during the year. You may bring younger siblings. Every class performs a song for the parents. If you can make it, it is a great event!


Visitors are welcome by appointment. To arrange a meeting, visitors should contact the School Office. Parents coming to school to bring forgotten articles or to relay messages should come to the Office. Classes may not be disturbed for these reasons. Parents may not confer with a teacher or visit a classroom between the hours of 8:00 AM and 3:00 PM, unless the Principal gives permission for such a visit. All visitors must report to the Office and sign the Visitors Log when entering the building. An atmosphere of quiet respect for the learning rights of others should prevail throughout the school building.

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